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Teeth Whitening 

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Teeth Whitening With ZOOM! Whitening at Kew Gardens Smiles Dental


Over time, teeth can lose their natural luster due to a variety of factors, including dietary habits, smoking, natural aging, and even certain types of medication. The discoloration that results can make many individuals feel self-conscious about their appearance. While routine dental cleaning may remove some surface-level stains, deeper discoloration often requires a more intensive, professional approach. At Kew Gardens Smiles Dental, the team offers top-tier teeth whitening services tailored to individual needs, utilizing cutting-edge techniques like the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system. This state-of-the-art procedure can transform the color of your teeth by up to eight shades in less than an hour, providing a quick and efficient solution to the problem of discolored teeth.

Having a radiant, gleaming smile is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also significantly boosts your self-esteem and overall confidence. The experienced dental professionals at Kew Gardens Smiles Dental use high-quality materials and safe bleaching agents to ensure each patient achieves their desired shade of brightness. More than just a cosmetic procedure, their teeth whitening treatments offer transformative results, allowing patients to smile more freely and confidently. The Zoom teeth bleaching technique is both secure, sparing you from unwanted side effects, and highly effective. Trusting your smile to the professionals at Kew Gardens Smiles Dental ensures a brighter, healthier-looking result that can rejuvenate countless smiles and last for years.

Can yellow teeth become white again?

Is it possible to transform yellowed teeth back to their original white brilliance? Absolutely! At Kew Gardens Smiles Dental, we specialize in rejuvenating smiles, making them brighter and more vibrant. Here’s how teeth whitening can breathe life back into your grin:

  • Deep Cleaning: Efficiently erases everyday stains, unveiling a cleaner, whiter base.
  • Break Down Stains: Advanced whitening agents penetrate enamel, targeting deep-set stains from coffee, tea, and wine.
  • Tailored Treatments: Individualized plans designed for your specific needs and desired shade of white.
  • Safe and Effective: Professional whitening ensures safety, providing results without compromising tooth health.

Dull, discolored teeth don’t have to be permanent. Let Kew Gardens Smile Dental guide you back to a radiant, confidence-boosting smile!

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