80-59 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11415

Trans Western

Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office in New York is an exceptional provider of comprehensive dental care. Located in the dynamic heart of the city, the Office is a trusted destination for a variety of dental services, making it an essential part of the community’s oral health care.

The Office offers a wide range of procedures covered by Trans Western PPO ncluding dentures, implants, dental crowns, bridges, tooth fillings, and treatments for cavities. Furthermore, it is also equipped to provide emergency dentistry services to those in need, solidifying its role as a reliable and comprehensive provider in the New York dental landscape.

Committed to providing top-notch care, the Office comprises a team of highly trained professionals. Our skill and dedication ensure that every patient, regardless of their dental needs, receives personalized and satisfying care. Whether it’s a regular check-up or an emergency procedure, Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office has the expertise to deliver the best possible care.

An important factor in the Office’s accessibility and appeal is its understanding of financial considerations. Recognizing the role insurance plays in making quality dental care accessible, the Office accepts various insurance plans. Notably, the Office has a strong relationship with TransWestern PPO, with most of our services covered under this plan. This makes Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office a preferred choice for patients insured through TransWestern PPO.

Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office strikes an ideal balance between delivering high-quality care, maintaining patient comfort, and offering affordability. Its wide array of services, acceptance of popular insurance plans like TransWestern PPO, and commitment to patient satisfaction make it a top choice for dental care in New York.

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