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Solstice Benefits

Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office is in the middle of busy New York and offers full dental care. The Office has many dental services, and Solstice Benefits Insurance covers a lot of these dental services in NY, making it an important place for people’s oral health in the community.

We provide a bunch of services. A lot of these are covered by Solstice Benefits PPO. Services like dentures, implants, dental crowns, bridges, tooth fillings, and cavity treatments are offered. We also offer emergency dental services when people need them. All of this makes the Office a trusted place for dental care in New York.

The Office is dedicated to providing the best care.  We have a team of well-trained professionals who make sure every patient gets the best personalized care, whether it’s a normal check-up or an emergency. Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office has the skills to provide the best possible care.

An important thing about the Office is how we understand the cost of dental care. We know insurance is important to make good dental care easier to get. That’s why the Office accepts many insurance plans. Our dental office has a strong connection with Solstice Benefits PPO, and most of our dental services are covered under this plan. This makes Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office a great choice for people who have insurance through Solstice Benefits PPO.

The Office is good at providing top-quality care, keeping patients comfortable, and offering affordable services. We provide a lot of services and accept popular insurance plans like Solstice Benefits PPO. The Office is committed to making patients happy, making it a top choice for dental care in New York.

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