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First Dental Health

Right smack in the middle of New York, you’ll find Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office. This place is known for its awesome dental healthcare. We’re really committed to giving you the best care and making you feel comfortable. It’s not just an office, it’s like a safe space for people who need dental treatment covered by First Dental Health in New York.

At Kew Gardens Smiles, we offer all sorts of dental services. Need a simple cavity filling or gum disease treatment? We’ve got you covered. But our dental office also does the trickier stuff like fitting dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. We really do it all. Even common stuff like dental fillings is done with the latest methods and materials, making sure your teeth look good and the work lasts a long time.

One thing that sets this office apart is how well our dental professionals understand that dental care can be expensive. We know high-quality dental work can be a big load for a lot of people and families. That’s why we’re happy to take different insurance plans to help more people get the care they need.

One of the insurance plans we take for dental treatment is First Dental Health insurance in NY. If you’re a member of this plan, Kew Gardens Smiles can make your dental treatments a lot easier on your wallet. A lot of our dental services are covered under this plan, making it a great choice for people who have First Dental Health insurance.

In the end, Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office in New York does a great job blending quality, comfort, and affordability. It’s a top choice for people withFirst Dental Health insurance. We offer a wide range of dental treatments, from the simple to the complicated, all done by a team of dedicated and talented pros.

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