80-59 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11415


In the vibrant heart of New York, Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office sparkles as a premier spot for dental care, accepting Advantica Insurance. The Office is acclaimed for its exceptional dental services, presenting a broad range of offerings such as dental crowns, bridges, fillings, cavity treatments, as well as dentures and dental implants.

At Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office, we have a crew of highly trained and passionate professionals committed to making your visit as relaxed and fulfilling as possible. Whether you’re here for a regular check-up or a complicated dental procedure, we’re equipped with the know-how and proficiency to deliver top-notch care.

Acknowledging the financial side of dental care is an essential facet of our Office’s approach. We understand the importance of having access to affordable, high-quality dental services, and as such, we partner with various insurance plans. Specifically, we welcome Advantica insurance, and most of our services are covered under this plan. This association with Advantica positions our Office as a top pick for those insured under this plan.

Seamlessly combining excellent service, patient comfort, and cost-friendliness, Kew Gardens Smiles Dental Office in New York stands out as an excellent choice. With our comprehensive range of services and the acceptance of popular insurance plans like Advantica, our Office is the perfect place for anyone in search of top-tier dental care.

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